Body Shots with Gay Men

You can’t beat a big, juicy, thick, eight inch uncut cock can you? Or do you prefer the cut variety? Well, in this new scenes from Str8 To Gay from gay men you’ve got the joy of both. Jarec Wentworth sports the mighty uncut ramrod and he’s pitted against Phenix Saint in this exclusive hardcore scene. We’ll take a look in a moment but first I wanted to let you know a little secret.

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You know, when you download movies from sites, that they can be in huge big files? Well, that’s fine if you’re on a speedy connection and can handle it, but if you are not then you feel you have to wait ages, or miss out on the download and the top quality viewing. Well, that’s not always the case. My secret is that when I am downloading these movies I take the mobile versions, the files are around 200 Mbs at most and come down my mid-range connection just fine. And the quality, even of these mobile versions, is stunning even at full screen. So, now you know a little trick. And if you like the smaller/quicker download you can always go back for the big, top notch one later.
So, that said, what’s Body Shots all about, apart from two might cocks? Maybe unsurprisingly it’s about one guy going to get some shots taken at a photographer’s studio. Phenix is the photographer here and he soon puts Jarec at his ease with some questions, taking his mind off being ‘shot’, as it were. The chat goes on, the clothes start to come off as the model, Jarec wants to get some topless shots. That leads to compliments about his body, which I have to say, is pretty toned and hot and we’d all like to snuggle up to it. The flirtatious chat continues, giving us a nice, long build up as even Phenix takes his top off to shoot his model, and before too long (well, after six minutes) the guys start to get naked and closer.
From then on, this erotic build up leads to just the gorgeous kind of hardcore sex we expect from this top site and one of the guys, the straight one, gets completely seduced, sucked and sexed by the other gay one, which is, after all, what Str8 To Gay is all about. Jarec blows Phenix and then, once the str8 guy is used to that idea, he blows Jarec. In this scene it’s the straight guy who gets his cheerry popped and gets fucked for the first time, Jarec takes him carefully with his eight inches of cut cock and, by the sounds of it, Phenix has a very tight ass.
Take a look, and remember my tip; even the Str8 To Gay mobile files are fine quality at full screen on your desktop.

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