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Sex, sex, sex, that is what you want, that’s what ‘Gods Of Men’ give you, courtesy of, in this hot and horny hardcore movie. Sex from beginning to end, so get those hankies and cocks out, and start stroking as you watch Jarec Wentworth and Christopher Daniels as they make out on their couch. […]

The Apartment Part 3

This series ‘The Apartment’ by Men paysite for ‘Drill My Hole’ has been a great hit, with new people looking at it every day. Maybe it’s a fantasy everyone would still like to have even if they are in a relationship. Maybe you to already have a place like this to go too: somewhere to […]

Body Shots with Gay Men

You can’t beat a big, juicy, thick, eight inch uncut cock can you? Or do you prefer the cut variety? Well, in this new scenes from Str8 To Gay from gay men you’ve got the joy of both. Jarec Wentworth sports the mighty uncut ramrod and he’s pitted against Phenix Saint in this exclusive hardcore […]

Unfaithful Part 3

Jarec Wentworth and Mike Gaite appear in Unfaithful Part 3, the last instalment of this on-going gay romp from Drill My Hole. There’s definitely a kind of ménage a trois thing going on here as Jarec Wentworth was in part one of this series, with Garrett Cooper and Mike Gaite appeared in part two with […]

Unfaithful Part 1

It’s amazing how Drill My Hole keep coming up with ideas for on-going series of hardcore movies, but they do. They always seem to find an angle, a way in to giving us a run of themed movies. There are also plenty of standalone ones at the site of course, and they are just as […]

Men For Sale Part 3

This episode sees the conclusion of Men For Sale the new on-going series of hardcore movies from Drill My Hole. They’ve got a few series on the go actually, but this one is one of the more story-led ones. A guy has been kidnapped, Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth have gone to search for him […]

Men For Sale Part 1 with pornstar Jarec Wentworth and Jimmy Fanz

It looks like Drill My Hole have started on another news series (See: Score part 1) in their quest for the best hardcore gay sex scenes ever. This one, titled Men For Sale starts us off with a new guy, a new hot stud joining the stable of hot studs this site and the others […]