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Jarec Wentworth is a natural in front of the camera and is in high demand all over the porn industry. He is good looking with a modern day designer look with his designer beard and flicked hairstyle, cropped at the sides. He is six foot three inches tall with big biceps and a strong athletic build. He is a versatile top with an eight inch uncut dick, and a wonderful ass you just want to dip your tongue into. He has brown hair, brown seductive eyes and weighs 184 pounds. He has been in twenty six hardcore flicks with men paysites which include his last one, ‘Home Wrecker Part 1’, with Chris Harder, and also the popular series ‘Listener Parts 1, 2 and 3’, where he has super powers and can hear everyone’s thoughts around him.

Christopher Daniels is the kind of blonde haired blue eyed hunk you usually only dream about. He is a versatile bottom and has an eight inch cut cock. He is six foot one, weighs 195 pounds and has a firm swimmers body. He has been in twenty three movies with gaypornstarstube.xxx which include ‘Hotel Room Hook Up’ where he gets his wonderfully tight asshole drilled hard by Topher Di Maggio and has been viewed well over 40,000 times.
Christopher Daniels is sitting on the couch in just his underpants. Jarec Wentworth is sitting right next to him, groping his cock through them whilst kissing his beautiful, soft lips. Christopher spreads his legs open even wider as Jarec gently squeezes his sensitive ball bag through the cotton materiel causing Christopher’s cock to involuntarily twitch. Their hands caress each other’s hot hairy bodies and Jarec undoes the white ‘onesie’ he is wearing, revealing his stiff dick. Christopher moves down straight away and takes his cock straight into his mouth. He begins sucking it up and down. Jarec leans his head back, closes his eyes, and just enjoys the sensation of the hot air, and wet tongue around his cock as it teases him, bringing him closer to the edge all the time.
Jarec strokes on Christopher’s cock for a while and then gets him to turn around and get on his knees on the couch. Christopher holds onto the back of the couch and feels Jarec’s cock spreading his rim open as his cock pierces his hairy crack. He moans out gently with excitement as he feels the invading cock slip as deep into him as it can possibly go. Jarec joins in with his groaning as he thrusts his hips back and forth; he pounds his tight ass doggy style.

Jarec Wentworth spoon fucks Christopher for a while and then gets him into the missionary position and drills him hard and fast with his throbbing cock. The sensation builds up in his balls and Jarec knows he’s about to cum, He pulls his cock out and whips his condom off just in time as he spurts his sizzling hot spunk over Christopher Daniel’s sweating body.
Christopher pumps franticly on his own cock and with one last groan, he feels his body tremble, his ball bag tightens up, and as the intense feeling travels into his spine. He lifts his fucked ass up a little bit and cum explodes out of his pulsating cock like lava from a volcano.

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