Men For Sale Part 1 with pornstar Jarec Wentworth and Jimmy Fanz

It looks like Drill My Hole have started on another news series (See: Score part 1) in their quest for the best hardcore gay sex scenes ever. This one, titled Men For Sale starts us off with a new guy, a new hot stud joining the stable of hot studs this site and the others in the network employ. Let me introduce you to Jarec Wentworth, and uncut versatil top with a defined body and sexy brown eyes. In this scene he plays with Jimmy Fanz who last saw in Sex a la Carte back in May.

We have a great opening here, intriguing and instantly erotic. A shot or two of the city skyline at night, and then a pair of naked feet come into view and the sound of a voice, ‘Where am I? Where are you taking me?’ And there’s a guy dressed only in his underwear and a hood, bound, being led down some stairs into a basement. Cut to: One Day Before, busy city at night, and it looks like we’re watching a Hollywood thriller but with some man to man sex as the story starts proper.

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There’s a kind of retro, Felice Picano feel to this scene, and that owes a lot to Jimmy’s moustache and hair style. And the opening, which reminded me of the novel ‘The Lure,’ a great and very erotic thriller from the late 1970’s. But I digress. Our two guys, looking slightly hairy and slightly 70’s, are getting it on, on the bed and we’ve got some great chemistry taking place between our new guy and our slightly more experienced Jimmy Fanz. The guys sixty-nine for a while before Jarec gets to work on Jimmy’s hairy ass, digging his tongue in deep while stroking his cock, letting his full nuts hang loose and free. Jimmy soon demands that his ass is fucked, and things actually sound like a 70’s movie now. Wentworth Goes Public with His Gay Boyfriend

Jarec fucks that ass, Jimmy moans out loud and long, he then sucks Jarec some more before being taken on the bed, upside down, Jarec drilling from high above. Classic 70’s camerawork comes into play and we’re transported back to the good old days (except here the guys are wearing rubbers) and we fall deeper and deeper into the spirit of times gone by as Jarec fucks a hairy hole until his bottom man cums over his stomach. Jarec finishes himself off on Jimmy’s chest, but that’s not the end of the scene.

Jimmy heads out leaving Jarec to watch the news and discover that young guys fitting Jimmy’s description are being kidnapped and dragged into a human trafficking ring. Worried, Jarec makes a call and discovers that… Well, tune in for part two to find out.

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