Men For Sale Part 3

This episode sees the conclusion of Men For Sale the new on-going series of hardcore movies from Drill My Hole. They’ve got a few series on the go actually, but this one is one of the more story-led ones. A guy has been kidnapped, Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth have gone to search for him and tricked their way into the lair of Dirk Caber. He’s the baddie behind the human trafficking ring that’s been snatching innocent hunks and using them for financial gain. Rich guys have been paying a fortune to hump hunk ass in the basement of the building and it’s Tom and Jarec’s mission to put a stop to it all.

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At least it was until they got caught last week. This episode starts with them tied up and plotting when Dirk comes in and they manage to put their cunning escape plan into action. This passing involves sex and its’ not long before Dirk is so turned on by these two guys that a steamy threesomes starts up. You do kind of step out of the plot for a while and forget that these two are in danger. The kissing is tender, the body stroking and muscle massage is also tender and the scene heads off down a hardcore route like many other. But, this being you know it’s going to be different and special.

For a start the underwear is erotic, and the opening of the sex session too. The fact that you’ve got Tom feasting on Dirk’s dick while Jarec is eating his ass is a pretty big turn on for starters. And then you’ve got Dirk sucking Tom while jerking Jarec, and all those possible swaps and changes, combinations and horny possibilities that a threesome brings start to get played out. But things really heat up when Tom gets bent over between the other two hunks and spit-roasted by two hard cocks, one at each end. Building in speed and urgency this almost gets to a climax when things change: now we have Dirk as the middle man and three heaving, humping and sweaty studs gasping and groaning in the hot basement with great close ups and long shots to give us the best view of the action.

There’s a natural and noisy end to the sex part of this scene, and then a final winding down and tying up of the plot. But will the guys manage to save the innocent victim? Has he been transported away somewhere already? Are they too late and will they be able to switch off from their hardcore sex to actually take dangerous Dirk by surprise and escape? Sorry, you’ll have to go and watch it to find out.

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