The Apartment Part 3

This series ‘The Apartment’ by Men paysite for ‘Drill My Hole’ has been a great hit, with new people looking at it every day. Maybe it’s a fantasy everyone would still like to have even if they are in a relationship. Maybe you to already have a place like this to go too: somewhere to get away from it all; or a place you’ve set up as a means to meet other people; a little love shack that’s easy to get to. All sounds good to me.

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In this brilliant hardcore episode, six foot three Jarec Wentworth is at home, he is on the internet, and his partner is in another room making lots of noise. He shouts at him to keep the noise down. It is obvious they are having problems. A message pops up on his screen. It’s from Mike De Marko who has just flown in from New York and needs a place to crash. Jarec says he can stay at his, and he looks excited as Mike writes back that it will be good to meet him in person after all this time. Jarec closes the lid of his computer and tells his partner he is going to his brother’s and may spend the night…
Jarec Wentworth is a very popular versatile top. He is very good looking and he enjoys outdoor hiking and swimming. He has brown hair, brown eyes and has an eight inch cut dick. He has been in eighteen movies by His first one was ‘Men For Sale Part 1’ where he fucks Jimmy Fanz’s tight asshole. This was first shown on June 13th 2014 and has been viewed by over 31,000 horny men. This proved so good he was in the next two episodes, and they have now been seen by over 100,000 men. What an amazing start in this great industry.
Mike De Marko is also very popular in this industry. He has been in forty two movies with One of his movies is ‘Major league Part 3’ with a whole host of hot and horny men, a real cum-fest that has been viewed 80,000 times. That’s some pulling power. Mike had that cute next door look that everyone wants to either be, or they want to ‘do.’ He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock. He has brown hair with brown puppy dog eyes. So far in ‘The Apartment’ all the sex has happened in Mike De Marko’s new apartment.
Jarec Wentworth is waiting outside for Mike De Marko. Mike asks Jarec if his boyfriend minds that he stays with them. Jarec lies as he opens the door, telling him that they have broken up, and this is his new place. Mike says he’s tired after the flight and lies down. Jarec says he has work to do and sits up in bed working on his computer. When you have Marko De Marko there really is no time to work.
Mike starts massaging Jarec’s cock even though he still tries to work. Mike hasn’t been stopped so he goes further by taking Jarec’s cock out of his pants and into his watering mouth, the computer closes and is put down, all forgotten about. The camera goes in close as Mike takes turns sucking on Jarec’s hard cock and on his heavy ball sack until they drip with his saliva.
Mike gets his pants off and lays on his front, he moans with delight when Jarec spreads his firm ass cheeks wide apart, spits right in the middle, and starts to lick his tight crack all around its sensitive rim, and then deep into his twitching hungry hole. Once again the camera goes close in and we can see every lick as it swirls around and into that sweet tasting asshole. It gets in so close, you feel as if you are right in there with him.
Still lying on his front, Mike feels his hole forced open wider as it gets stuffed full with Jarec’s invading cock. They trust backwards and forwards, Mike De Marko keeps a tight hold of the mattress below him as the thrusting pucks up speed. They change positions a few times making sure they fuck all over the bed.
Their hot bodies, bathed in sweat, carry on fucking hard and fast until Marko cums so much he manages to get big globs of his hot spunk onto his face. Taking one look at Marko lying there with cum all over his tight hairy body sends Jarec over the edge. He sends his own cum flying out, joining Marko’s all over him. Leaning over they kiss each other tenderly on the lips just as the light fades out.

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