Unfaithful Part 1

It’s amazing how Drill My Hole keep coming up with ideas for on-going series of hardcore movies, but they do. They always seem to find an angle, a way in to giving us a run of themed movies. There are also plenty of standalone ones at the site of course, and they are just as good, but what’s nice about some of the continuous ‘part’ series is that they give you storylines. They also tend to have some smart filming techniques and you get more than the average porn flick when you find a Men.com scene, especially if it’s an on-going series of movies. The theme here is ‘Unfaithful’ and we’re looking at part one which stars Garrett Cooper and Jarec Wentworth.

Who is Garrett Cooper? you ask. And rightly so. He’s a new guy, a new rising porn actor from Men.com and Drill My Hole, and he’s making his debut performance here with the more experienced Jarec Wentworth. Garrett is six-one tall, has brown hair and green eyes, a nice cheeky grin and a nice seven and a half inch cut cock. He’s into hiking and rock climbing and likes organic food. So, fit and muscular without being heavy, and also smooth and good looking. Whereas this is Garrett Cooper’s first porn movie, this is Jarec Wentworth’s 15th, and we’ve seen lots of him in the past. Like Garrett he describes himself as versatile, so both guys like having their asses plunged. That should all make for an interesting scene and an interesting debut from Garrett Cooper.

And he’s the one whose story this is. Over a soundtrack that suggests both something erotic and dangerous is about to happen, Garrett wakes up, a photo of him and his lover, Jarec, beside the bed. The first thing he does is check his phone and there we see a message that suggests another guy has an interest in him. Flashback to a mild accident outside some hot stud’s house where Garrett hurt his knee, and the story starts for real. Hot stud guy takes him into his house and, while tending to the Garrett’s wounded knee, hot sex starts and our newbie is unfaithful.

Cut back to Garrett’s here-and-now and Jarec waking up wondering who his lover is texting. Another lie is told and then, out if guilt or just because he’s horny, Garrett starts to give his lover a blow job. Now there’s a thing to wake up to: Jarec Wentworth’s eight inch uncut cock, hard and in need of attention. Garrett wastes no time in getting down on it and the sexy hardcore starts up. This new guys certainly knows how to give good head and Jarec is moaning in appreciation right from the start. After a while he decides he wants something more from his younger looking lover and flips him over to his front so he can start tongue-fucking his ass. And Garrett has a lovely, smooth round ass that’s perfect for a long rimming session. He’s also pretty acrobatic it seems and these two guys get into some pretty impressive positions. (I.e., Garrett Cooper being held upside down as Jarec Wentworth rims his ass and he sucks Jarec’s cock. Amazing.)

And then, flipping him over onto all fours, Jarec starts to work Garrett’s ass with his cock, sliding it in slowly at first and then building the speed, building the energy and slamming it in harder. Garret moans out with pleasure as Jarec’s large hands grip the boy’s tight, white ass and the top guy uses him as his plaything. And we’re only 14 minutes into this 27 minute long scene, there’s loads more to come before the guys blow their loads and you blow yours. Garrett Cooper gets fucked from a great long time in this movie before we get to the final, final twist which leaves everything wide open for part two.

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