Unfaithful Part 3

Jarec Wentworth and Mike Gaite appear in Unfaithful Part 3, the last instalment of this on-going gay romp from Drill My Hole. There’s definitely a kind of ménage a trois thing going on here as Jarec Wentworth was in part one of this series, with Garrett Cooper and Mike Gaite appeared in part two with Garrett Cooper and now part three with Jarec who has already screwed Garrett, and who is now with Mike who has already screwed around with… Well, you get the picture. And, in this picture, we’ve got another 25 minutes of guys being unfaithful with guys who are being unfaithful.

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It all starts to fall into place at the start of part three where Jarec confronts Mike over his affair with Garrett. (You might need to go back and find part one and start form the top on this one folks, it’s like one of those old episodes of ‘Soap’, though I doubt you are old enough to remember them. “In last week’s episode: Jarec cheated on Mike or was it Mike who cheated on Jarec? And while Garrett was alone in the garret Mike found him and fucked him. Confused? You won’t be after this week’s instalment of…”)

‘Unfaithful, part three’ starring Jarec Wentworth and Mike Gaite and where was I? Oh yes. The confrontation starts at the apartment with discussion about where the sex took place, and you can see Jarec is upset. So upset that he knocks Mike out with a blunt implement… Only he doesn’t – ah ha! A quick trick of the camera there, a bit of a surprise – and what he actually does is start kissing; well, they both start kissing. Two studly bearded guys face to face, lips to lips, in close up, with hands grasping ass. And then, another surprise; this scene doesn’t take the usual path, the kiss-suck-rim-fuck path, it heads straight for the ass to mouth action, with again extreme close ups of tongues flicking around soft pink asses, butt cheeks pulled apart and red rigs being rimmed.

And then, after a good while of that boner-making sight, out come the hard cocks, Jarec Wentworth’s being eight inches and uncut, hard and sucked while he guides Mike’s head back and forth, up and down his shaft. And during this section Mike is stroking his own hard dick, cut and juicy, and the guys are now naked and we’re still in close. And we stay there as the fucking starts, and we’re still only about eight minutes in. Mike Gaite lowers himself over Jarec’s cock slowly at first but soon gets into the swing of things and drills himself harder. The guys break apart for some more cock sucking and then more ass-plunging, testing out all kinds of positions until finally they let their jizz fly in a classic Drill My Hole cum shot finale.

And that’s going to be the end of the series, apart from the last short scene which takes place outside. But I won’t tell you what that is as I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. But take it from me, this is a great little number from DMH which takes us on a different path. Not only is it a culmination of the story so far, not only does it star two very sexy models, and not only is it a good length and well shot, it also doesn’t take the usual, standard progression. Once again Men.com have come up with something new, a slightly different way to present hot gay porn and, in this case, starring Jarec Wentworth a stud worth seeing and Mike Gaite, a guy worth gawping at.

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