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Sex, sex, sex, that is what you want, that’s what ‘Gods Of Men’ give you, courtesy of gaypornstarstube.xxx, in this hot and horny hardcore movie. Sex from beginning to end, so get those hankies and cocks out, and start stroking as you watch Jarec Wentworth and Christopher Daniels as they make out on their couch.
Jarec Wentworth is a natural in front of the camera and is in high demand all over the porn industry. He is good looking with a modern day designer look with his designer beard and flicked hairstyle, cropped at the sides. He is six foot three inches tall with big biceps and a strong athletic build. He is a versatile top with an eight inch uncut dick, and a wonderful ass you just want to dip your tongue into. He has brown hair, brown seductive eyes and weighs 184 pounds. He has been in twenty six hardcore flicks with men paysites which include his last one, ‘Home Wrecker Part 1’, with Chris Harder, and also the popular series ‘Listener Parts 1, 2 and 3’, where he has super powers and can hear everyone’s thoughts around him.

Christopher Daniels is the kind of blonde haired blue eyed hunk you usually only dream about. He is a versatile bottom and has an eight inch cut cock. He is six foot one, weighs 195 pounds and has a firm swimmers body. He has been in twenty three movies with gaypornstarstube.xxx which include ‘Hotel Room Hook Up’ where he gets his wonderfully tight asshole drilled hard by Topher Di Maggio and has been viewed well over 40,000 times.
Christopher Daniels is sitting on the couch in just his underpants. Jarec Wentworth is sitting right next to him, groping his cock through them whilst kissing his beautiful, soft lips. Christopher spreads his legs open even wider as Jarec gently squeezes his sensitive ball bag through the cotton materiel causing Christopher’s cock to involuntarily twitch. Their hands caress each other’s hot hairy bodies and Jarec undoes the white ‘onesie’ he is wearing, revealing his stiff dick. Christopher moves down straight away and takes his cock straight into his mouth. He begins sucking it up and down. Jarec leans his head back, closes his eyes, and just enjoys the sensation of the hot air, and wet tongue around his cock as it teases him, bringing him closer to the edge all the time.
Jarec strokes on Christopher’s cock for a while and then gets him to turn around and get on his knees on the couch. Christopher holds onto the back of the couch and feels Jarec’s cock spreading his rim open as his cock pierces his hairy crack. He moans out gently with excitement as he feels the invading cock slip as deep into him as it can possibly go. Jarec joins in with his groaning as he thrusts his hips back and forth; he pounds his tight ass doggy style.

Jarec Wentworth spoon fucks Christopher for a while and then gets him into the missionary position and drills him hard and fast with his throbbing cock. The sensation builds up in his balls and Jarec knows he’s about to cum, He pulls his cock out and whips his condom off just in time as he spurts his sizzling hot spunk over Christopher Daniel’s sweating body.
Christopher pumps franticly on his own cock and with one last groan, he feels his body tremble, his ball bag tightens up, and as the intense feeling travels into his spine. He lifts his fucked ass up a little bit and cum explodes out of his pulsating cock like lava from a volcano.

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The Apartment Part 3

This series ‘The Apartment’ by Men paysite for ‘Drill My Hole’ has been a great hit, with new people looking at it every day. Maybe it’s a fantasy everyone would still like to have even if they are in a relationship. Maybe you to already have a place like this to go too: somewhere to get away from it all; or a place you’ve set up as a means to meet other people; a little love shack that’s easy to get to. All sounds good to me.

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In this brilliant hardcore episode, six foot three Jarec Wentworth is at home, he is on the internet, and his partner is in another room making lots of noise. He shouts at him to keep the noise down. It is obvious they are having problems. A message pops up on his screen. It’s from Mike De Marko who has just flown in from New York and needs a place to crash. Jarec says he can stay at his, and he looks excited as Mike writes back that it will be good to meet him in person after all this time. Jarec closes the lid of his computer and tells his partner he is going to his brother’s and may spend the night…
Jarec Wentworth is a very popular versatile top. He is very good looking and he enjoys outdoor hiking and swimming. He has brown hair, brown eyes and has an eight inch cut dick. He has been in eighteen movies by Men.com. His first one was ‘Men For Sale Part 1’ where he fucks Jimmy Fanz’s tight asshole. This was first shown on June 13th 2014 and has been viewed by over 31,000 horny men. This proved so good he was in the next two episodes, and they have now been seen by over 100,000 men. What an amazing start in this great industry.
Mike De Marko is also very popular in this industry. He has been in forty two movies with Men.com. One of his movies is ‘Major league Part 3’ with a whole host of hot and horny men, a real cum-fest that has been viewed 80,000 times. That’s some pulling power. Mike had that cute next door look that everyone wants to either be, or they want to ‘do.’ He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock. He has brown hair with brown puppy dog eyes. So far in ‘The Apartment’ all the sex has happened in Mike De Marko’s new apartment.
Jarec Wentworth is waiting outside for Mike De Marko. Mike asks Jarec if his boyfriend minds that he stays with them. Jarec lies as he opens the door, telling him that they have broken up, and this is his new place. Mike says he’s tired after the flight and lies down. Jarec says he has work to do and sits up in bed working on his computer. When you have Marko De Marko there really is no time to work.
Mike starts massaging Jarec’s cock even though he still tries to work. Mike hasn’t been stopped so he goes further by taking Jarec’s cock out of his pants and into his watering mouth, the computer closes and is put down, all forgotten about. The camera goes in close as Mike takes turns sucking on Jarec’s hard cock and on his heavy ball sack until they drip with his saliva.
Mike gets his pants off and lays on his front, he moans with delight when Jarec spreads his firm ass cheeks wide apart, spits right in the middle, and starts to lick his tight crack all around its sensitive rim, and then deep into his twitching hungry hole. Once again the camera goes close in and we can see every lick as it swirls around and into that sweet tasting asshole. It gets in so close, you feel as if you are right in there with him.
Still lying on his front, Mike feels his hole forced open wider as it gets stuffed full with Jarec’s invading cock. They trust backwards and forwards, Mike De Marko keeps a tight hold of the mattress below him as the thrusting pucks up speed. They change positions a few times making sure they fuck all over the bed.
Their hot bodies, bathed in sweat, carry on fucking hard and fast until Marko cums so much he manages to get big globs of his hot spunk onto his face. Taking one look at Marko lying there with cum all over his tight hairy body sends Jarec over the edge. He sends his own cum flying out, joining Marko’s all over him. Leaning over they kiss each other tenderly on the lips just as the light fades out.

Body Shots with Gay Men

You can’t beat a big, juicy, thick, eight inch uncut cock can you? Or do you prefer the cut variety? Well, in this new scenes from Str8 To Gay from gay men you’ve got the joy of both. Jarec Wentworth sports the mighty uncut ramrod and he’s pitted against Phenix Saint in this exclusive hardcore scene. We’ll take a look in a moment but first I wanted to let you know a little secret.

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You know, when you download movies from sites, that they can be in huge big files? Well, that’s fine if you’re on a speedy connection and can handle it, but if you are not then you feel you have to wait ages, or miss out on the download and the top quality viewing. Well, that’s not always the case. My secret is that when I am downloading these movies I take the mobile versions, the files are around 200 Mbs at most and come down my mid-range connection just fine. And the quality, even of these mobile versions, is stunning even at full screen. So, now you know a little trick. And if you like the smaller/quicker download you can always go back for the big, top notch one later.
So, that said, what’s Body Shots all about, apart from two might cocks? Maybe unsurprisingly it’s about one guy going to get some shots taken at a photographer’s studio. Phenix is the photographer here and he soon puts Jarec at his ease with some questions, taking his mind off being ‘shot’, as it were. The chat goes on, the clothes start to come off as the model, Jarec wants to get some topless shots. That leads to compliments about his body, which I have to say, is pretty toned and hot and we’d all like to snuggle up to it. The flirtatious chat continues, giving us a nice, long build up as even Phenix takes his top off to shoot his model, and before too long (well, after six minutes) the guys start to get naked and closer.
From then on, this erotic build up leads to just the gorgeous kind of hardcore sex we expect from this top site and one of the guys, the straight one, gets completely seduced, sucked and sexed by the other gay one, which is, after all, what Str8 To Gay is all about. Jarec blows Phenix and then, once the str8 guy is used to that idea, he blows Jarec. In this scene it’s the straight guy who gets his cheerry popped and gets fucked for the first time, Jarec takes him carefully with his eight inches of cut cock and, by the sounds of it, Phenix has a very tight ass.
Take a look, and remember my tip; even the Str8 To Gay mobile files are fine quality at full screen on your desktop.

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Unfaithful Part 3

Jarec Wentworth and Mike Gaite appear in Unfaithful Part 3, the last instalment of this on-going gay romp from Drill My Hole. There’s definitely a kind of ménage a trois thing going on here as Jarec Wentworth was in part one of this series, with Garrett Cooper and Mike Gaite appeared in part two with Garrett Cooper and now part three with Jarec who has already screwed Garrett, and who is now with Mike who has already screwed around with… Well, you get the picture. And, in this picture, we’ve got another 25 minutes of guys being unfaithful with guys who are being unfaithful.

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It all starts to fall into place at the start of part three where Jarec confronts Mike over his affair with Garrett. (You might need to go back and find part one and start form the top on this one folks, it’s like one of those old episodes of ‘Soap’, though I doubt you are old enough to remember them. “In last week’s episode: Jarec cheated on Mike or was it Mike who cheated on Jarec? And while Garrett was alone in the garret Mike found him and fucked him. Confused? You won’t be after this week’s instalment of…”)

‘Unfaithful, part three’ starring Jarec Wentworth and Mike Gaite and where was I? Oh yes. The confrontation starts at the apartment with discussion about where the sex took place, and you can see Jarec is upset. So upset that he knocks Mike out with a blunt implement… Only he doesn’t – ah ha! A quick trick of the camera there, a bit of a surprise – and what he actually does is start kissing; well, they both start kissing. Two studly bearded guys face to face, lips to lips, in close up, with hands grasping ass. And then, another surprise; this scene doesn’t take the usual path, the kiss-suck-rim-fuck path, it heads straight for the ass to mouth action, with again extreme close ups of tongues flicking around soft pink asses, butt cheeks pulled apart and red rigs being rimmed.

And then, after a good while of that boner-making sight, out come the hard cocks, Jarec Wentworth’s being eight inches and uncut, hard and sucked while he guides Mike’s head back and forth, up and down his shaft. And during this section Mike is stroking his own hard dick, cut and juicy, and the guys are now naked and we’re still in close. And we stay there as the fucking starts, and we’re still only about eight minutes in. Mike Gaite lowers himself over Jarec’s cock slowly at first but soon gets into the swing of things and drills himself harder. The guys break apart for some more cock sucking and then more ass-plunging, testing out all kinds of positions until finally they let their jizz fly in a classic Drill My Hole cum shot finale.

And that’s going to be the end of the series, apart from the last short scene which takes place outside. But I won’t tell you what that is as I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. But take it from me, this is a great little number from DMH which takes us on a different path. Not only is it a culmination of the story so far, not only does it star two very sexy models, and not only is it a good length and well shot, it also doesn’t take the usual, standard progression. Once again Men.com have come up with something new, a slightly different way to present hot gay porn and, in this case, starring Jarec Wentworth a stud worth seeing and Mike Gaite, a guy worth gawping at.

Unfaithful Part 1

It’s amazing how Drill My Hole keep coming up with ideas for on-going series of hardcore movies, but they do. They always seem to find an angle, a way in to giving us a run of themed movies. There are also plenty of standalone ones at the site of course, and they are just as good, but what’s nice about some of the continuous ‘part’ series is that they give you storylines. They also tend to have some smart filming techniques and you get more than the average porn flick when you find a Men.com scene, especially if it’s an on-going series of movies. The theme here is ‘Unfaithful’ and we’re looking at part one which stars Garrett Cooper and Jarec Wentworth.

Who is Garrett Cooper? you ask. And rightly so. He’s a new guy, a new rising porn actor from Men.com and Drill My Hole, and he’s making his debut performance here with the more experienced Jarec Wentworth. Garrett is six-one tall, has brown hair and green eyes, a nice cheeky grin and a nice seven and a half inch cut cock. He’s into hiking and rock climbing and likes organic food. So, fit and muscular without being heavy, and also smooth and good looking. Whereas this is Garrett Cooper’s first porn movie, this is Jarec Wentworth’s 15th, and we’ve seen lots of him in the past. Like Garrett he describes himself as versatile, so both guys like having their asses plunged. That should all make for an interesting scene and an interesting debut from Garrett Cooper.

And he’s the one whose story this is. Over a soundtrack that suggests both something erotic and dangerous is about to happen, Garrett wakes up, a photo of him and his lover, Jarec, beside the bed. The first thing he does is check his phone and there we see a message that suggests another guy has an interest in him. Flashback to a mild accident outside some hot stud’s house where Garrett hurt his knee, and the story starts for real. Hot stud guy takes him into his house and, while tending to the Garrett’s wounded knee, hot sex starts and our newbie is unfaithful.

Cut back to Garrett’s here-and-now and Jarec waking up wondering who his lover is texting. Another lie is told and then, out if guilt or just because he’s horny, Garrett starts to give his lover a blow job. Now there’s a thing to wake up to: Jarec Wentworth’s eight inch uncut cock, hard and in need of attention. Garrett wastes no time in getting down on it and the sexy hardcore starts up. This new guys certainly knows how to give good head and Jarec is moaning in appreciation right from the start. After a while he decides he wants something more from his younger looking lover and flips him over to his front so he can start tongue-fucking his ass. And Garrett has a lovely, smooth round ass that’s perfect for a long rimming session. He’s also pretty acrobatic it seems and these two guys get into some pretty impressive positions. (I.e., Garrett Cooper being held upside down as Jarec Wentworth rims his ass and he sucks Jarec’s cock. Amazing.)

And then, flipping him over onto all fours, Jarec starts to work Garrett’s ass with his cock, sliding it in slowly at first and then building the speed, building the energy and slamming it in harder. Garret moans out with pleasure as Jarec’s large hands grip the boy’s tight, white ass and the top guy uses him as his plaything. And we’re only 14 minutes into this 27 minute long scene, there’s loads more to come before the guys blow their loads and you blow yours. Garrett Cooper gets fucked from a great long time in this movie before we get to the final, final twist which leaves everything wide open for part two.

Men For Sale Part 3

This episode sees the conclusion of Men For Sale the new on-going series of hardcore movies from Drill My Hole. They’ve got a few series on the go actually, but this one is one of the more story-led ones. A guy has been kidnapped, Tom Faulk and Jarec Wentworth have gone to search for him and tricked their way into the lair of Dirk Caber. He’s the baddie behind the human trafficking ring that’s been snatching innocent hunks and using them for financial gain. Rich guys have been paying a fortune to hump hunk ass in the basement of the building and it’s Tom and Jarec’s mission to put a stop to it all.

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At least it was until they got caught last week. This episode starts with them tied up and plotting when Dirk comes in and they manage to put their cunning escape plan into action. This passing involves sex and its’ not long before Dirk is so turned on by these two guys that a steamy threesomes starts up. You do kind of step out of the plot for a while and forget that these two are in danger. The kissing is tender, the body stroking and muscle massage is also tender and the scene heads off down a hardcore route like many other. But, this being Men.com you know it’s going to be different and special.

For a start the underwear is erotic, and the opening of the sex session too. The fact that you’ve got Tom feasting on Dirk’s dick while Jarec is eating his ass is a pretty big turn on for starters. And then you’ve got Dirk sucking Tom while jerking Jarec, and all those possible swaps and changes, combinations and horny possibilities that a threesome brings start to get played out. But things really heat up when Tom gets bent over between the other two hunks and spit-roasted by two hard cocks, one at each end. Building in speed and urgency this almost gets to a climax when things change: now we have Dirk as the middle man and three heaving, humping and sweaty studs gasping and groaning in the hot basement with great close ups and long shots to give us the best view of the action.

There’s a natural and noisy end to the sex part of this scene, and then a final winding down and tying up of the plot. But will the guys manage to save the innocent victim? Has he been transported away somewhere already? Are they too late and will they be able to switch off from their hardcore sex to actually take dangerous Dirk by surprise and escape? Sorry, you’ll have to go and watch it to find out.

Men For Sale Part 1 with pornstar Jarec Wentworth and Jimmy Fanz

It looks like Drill My Hole have started on another news series (See: Score part 1) in their quest for the best hardcore gay sex scenes ever. This one, titled Men For Sale starts us off with a new guy, a new hot stud joining the stable of hot studs this site and the others in the network employ. Let me introduce you to Jarec Wentworth, and uncut versatil top with a defined body and sexy brown eyes. In this scene he plays with Jimmy Fanz who last saw in Sex a la Carte back in May.

We have a great opening here, intriguing and instantly erotic. A shot or two of the city skyline at night, and then a pair of naked feet come into view and the sound of a voice, ‘Where am I? Where are you taking me?’ And there’s a guy dressed only in his underwear and a hood, bound, being led down some stairs into a basement. Cut to: One Day Before, busy city at night, and it looks like we’re watching a Hollywood thriller but with some man to man sex as the story starts proper.

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There’s a kind of retro, Felice Picano feel to this scene, and that owes a lot to Jimmy’s moustache and hair style. And the opening, which reminded me of the novel ‘The Lure,’ a great and very erotic thriller from the late 1970’s. But I digress. Our two guys, looking slightly hairy and slightly 70’s, are getting it on, on the bed and we’ve got some great chemistry taking place between our new guy and our slightly more experienced Jimmy Fanz. The guys sixty-nine for a while before Jarec gets to work on Jimmy’s hairy ass, digging his tongue in deep while stroking his cock, letting his full nuts hang loose and free. Jimmy soon demands that his ass is fucked, and things actually sound like a 70’s movie now. Wentworth Goes Public with His Gay Boyfriend

Jarec fucks that ass, Jimmy moans out loud and long, he then sucks Jarec some more before being taken on the bed, upside down, Jarec drilling from high above. Classic 70’s camerawork comes into play and we’re transported back to the good old days (except here the guys are wearing rubbers) and we fall deeper and deeper into the spirit of times gone by as Jarec fucks a hairy hole until his bottom man cums over his stomach. Jarec finishes himself off on Jimmy’s chest, but that’s not the end of the scene.

Jimmy heads out leaving Jarec to watch the news and discover that young guys fitting Jimmy’s description are being kidnapped and dragged into a human trafficking ring. Worried, Jarec makes a call and discovers that… Well, tune in for part two to find out.